Connecting Birds and People

Bird ringing scheme in Armenia

technical text INTRODUCTION

Many areas in Armenia are a paradise for the migratory Passerines, which usually find temporary destination in reed-beds and scrubs. Despite on that the ringing processes in Armenia were sporadic and non-regular. Therefore, the country is not really represented at international networks, which are studying bird migrations. With a focus of linking Armenia to international scientific community we are developing the current Ringing Scheme aimed at banding migratory birds in spring and fall, as well as local breeders.


  1. To set up permanent ringing station for migratory Passerines at Armash Wetlands. 
  2. To set up mobile ringing stations for local breeders.
  3. To develop network with other ringing stations at the three major migration flyways.


We have developed the working protocols and procedures and have conducted the pilot sessions, aimed at practicing the banding works, as well as training the volunteers. Taking into account success of the pilot stage, we put the ringing on a regular base. The spring and fall sessions are being conducted in Armash Wetlands, while the summer sessions are being implemented in forest and semi-desert areas. The rings are provided by Max Plank Institute for Ornithology, which is also responsible for ring recovery and data sharing. 


Such a simple and cost-effective way of data collection provides with significant information about migration pathways, wintering grounds, and return rate. The data can be then used for fundamental ornithological research, as well as for applied conservation decisions and action, and also for better understanding of consequences of climate change and early development of mitigation measures.


The work at the ringing station requires various skills, and among those there are some, which require special qualification and others, which requires just a short training. It says that everyone can be involved in the process and obtain a role that corresponds to her/his skills. What you need to do is to become a Member of our organization in order to get the necessary training and instructions.