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Egyptian Vulture population reassessment

Egyptian Vulture is a Globally Endangered Vulture species which demonstrates steep decline, but it found fairly good refuge in Armenia. The last assessment of its population was conducted was performed in 2002-2005, and now it is important to update the information about its population and the breeding success.


  1. To implement count of breeding pairs of the species 
  2. To study breeding success of the species
  3. To set up the long-term monitoring scheme of the species based on the volunteers' involvement.

The inventory work began in 2018 in cooperation with BirdLife Denmark. This included development of survey routes, training of volunteers in nest searching, and organization of the logistics.


During implementation of the project, when quite a large portion of the country was covered, nesting areas of 24 pairs were confirmed, and the cycle of volunteer work at the new area was tested. Now it is important to complete the count of the species in Armenia and also to study its breeding success in various areas.