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Contribution to the global assessment of White-headed Duck

White-headed Duck is a globally threatened species, last assessed as Endangered in 2017 by IUCN SSC. The subsequent Single Species Action Plan (SSAP) was prepared by AEWA with the necessary contribution from Armenia. The SSAP revealed necessity of establishment of continuous monitoring of the species in Armenia, as well as better understanding of its habitat requirements and opportunities of coexistence of the carp farms and populations of White-headed Ducks.


  1. To perform inventory of population of White-headed Ducks in Armenia: number of breeding pairs and the breeding success 
  2. To study habitat requirements of the species and potential threats coming from the intensive carp farming 

The counts performed in 2018 and 2019 showed breeding of about 15-20 pairs in Armenia, which are localized at Armash Wetlands. Among identified habitat requirements, it appears that the species avoids human disturbance and needs mosaic structure of reed-beds.


All these data will contribute to identification of win-win model of carp-farming that will support protection of the species in Armenia and could possibly be replicated in other countries with similar problems. Also it will provide the necessary detailed information for the next Red Book of Animals of Armenia, that is planned for 2020, as well as for the next global assessment of the species' conservation status.


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