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The birds in our focus are those species, which require various types of conservation actions, and for which the conservation efforts can demonstrate significant measurable outcome over time. Among such birds, there are rare species with critically low population, rather common species with obvious population decline, and common but vulnerable species. 


For all such species we have similar set of goals:

  1. Study of demography of these species, includes population trends and the breeding success.
  2. Understanding habitat requirements of such species, and comparison of those with existing or potential threats.
  3. Development and modelling of alternative scenarios of use of the habitats and/or areas for better protection of the species.
  4. Installation of such scenarios and tracking of their success.

Egyptian Vulture population reassessment

Egyptian Vulture is a Globally Endangered Vulture species which demonstrates steep decline, but it found fairly good refuge in Armenia. The last assessment of its population was conducted was performed in 2002-2005, and now it is important to update the information about its population and the ...

Contribution to the global assessment of White-headed Duck

White-headed Duck is a globally threatened species, last assessed as Endangered in 2017 by IUCN SSC. The subsequent Single Species Action Plan (SSAP) was prepared by AEWA with the necessary contribution from Armenia. The SSAP revealed necessity of establishment of continuous monitoring of the ...

Armenian Gull – breeding period and the coastal threats

Armenian Gull is the endemic of South Caucasus, an the majority of its population breeds in Armenia in two colonies, at Lake Arpi and at Lake Sevan. It was recently evaluated as Near Threatened for the IUCN Red List. The species usually breeds in colonies on the islands, which are isolated from ...

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