Connecting Birds and People

Bird Monitoring in Northern Forests


Forestry management requires ecosystem approach in order to secure proper regeneration of the habitat and maintenance of the ecosystem's services. The efficiency of any approach can be tracked by monitoring of biological diversity. Taking into consideration the capacity development stage in the forestry enterprises, it is important to begin with the selection of easy indicator species, survey of which can be performed by the current staff of the forestry and/or citizen scientists after short intensive training.


  1. To select the prominent species - indicators of forest ecosystems.
  2. To identify the forestry monitoring scheme.
  3. To conduct training of the forestry staff and set up the monitoring in the forestry enterprises.  


As a part of a larger project “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes of North-eastern Armenia”, we have identified the bio indicators among forest birds and are implementing their monitoring with involvement of citizen-scientist and training of forestry staff. During 2017-2018 we have identified 25 monitoring sites in the Northern forestry sector and have investigated the density of 14 indicator bird species. The monitoring is conducted annually during May, when all the indicator species have returned from the wintering ground and are actively occupying the breeding territories. They sing intensively in this period, which allows their count at the forest transects.


Comparative analysis of their density in various areas, correlation of that with the intensity of forest logging practices, and identification of local population trends, can demonstrate in the perspective of five years, the sustainability of existing approach and will become a scientific justification for adaptive management.


Selection of the indicator species was conducted especially taking into account that the surveys might be undertaken by beginners. That is why, everyone can take part in it after a training course. To get the access to the course one should become a Member of our organization and to receive the necessary skills, instructions, and protocols.