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Province Yerevan

Quick Facts about province:

  • Area: 223 sq km
  • Protected Areas: 1
  • Important Bird Areas: 0
  • Total Species: 147
  • Protected Species: 20

Yerevan is located on to the edge of the Hrazdan River, northeast of the Ararat plain, to the center-west of the country. The upper part of the city is surrounded with mountains on three sides while it descends to the banks of the river Hrazdan at the south, and the latest divides Yerevan into two parts through a picturesque canyon. It has an average height of 990 meters, with a minimum of 865 meters and a maximum of 1390 meters above sea level at the southwest and the northeast respectively. The city has number of parks while the outskirts resemble the major wild habitat - arid mountain steppe.

There are two main rivers flowing through the city, the mentioned above Hrazdan and Getar.

Yerevan features a continental influenced steppe climate, with long, hot, dry summers and short, but cold and snowy winters. This is attributed to Yerevan being on a plain surrounded by mountains and to its distance from the sea. 

The Erebuni State Reserve formed in 1981, is located around 8 km southeast of the city center. At a height between 1300 and 1450 meters above sea level, the reserve occupies an area of 120 hectares, mainly consists of dry mountain steppe and is aimed to protect wild ancestors of wheat and other relative grains.

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