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Province Vayots Dzor

Quick Facts about province:

  • Area: 2,308 sq km
  • Protected Areas: 3
  • Important Bird Areas: 3
  • Total Species: 182
  • Protected Species: 36

Situated at the southern part of Armenia, Vayots Dzor is one of the most sparsely populated province in the country. It is a mountainous region, mainly divided into three ranges: Vardenis mountains at the north, Arpa mountains at the middle and Vayk range at the south. At a height of 3522 meters, the Vardenis volcano at the north is the highest point of the province, while the Areni valley, at a height of 850 meters, is the lowest point. The 2586 meters-high Vayots Sar volcanic cone is almost located at the center of the province.

Vayots dzor has many rivers, mountains springs and mineral water. Arpa river is the most significant of them and flows 92 km in the territory of the province. It originates in from the northwest hillside of Syunik plateau at a height of 3260 meters, and flows into the Araks river, having a number of tributaries that form waterfalls such as the Jermuk Waterfall and the Herher waterfall.

Yeghegis river is the main tributary of Arpa, and as the most of the rivers in Vayots Dzor is characterized with swift flow, deep fall and inclination. A large project was completed during the Soviet period, to transfer the water of Arpa river to Lake Sevan. Thus, an underground water tunnel was opened in 1981 that starts from the basin of Kechut reservoir to transfer the flow of Arpa river into lake Sevan.

The existing protected areas of the province and the planned ones are created to protect the Bezoar Goat, Brown Bear, Bearded Vultures, and other wildlife. 

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