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Province Tavush

Quick Facts about province:

  • Area: 2,704 sq km
  • Protected Areas: 6
  • Important Bird Areas: 1
  • Total Species: 176
  • Protected Species: 38

Tavush province occupies the north-eastern part of Armenia. The territory is mainly mountainous and rocky hillsides covered with old-growth deciduous forests and green carpets of alpine meadows. 

It is surrounded by the Miapor mountains from the east, the Somkheti mountains from the north, the Gugark mountains from the east and the Kenats mountains from the south. The average height of the region is around 900 meters above sea level, with the highest point of Miapor peak that has a height of 2993 meteres, and the lowest point in the Debed river valley which has a height of 380 meters.

The province holds major source of water, which is formed by Aghstev river with its tributaries Getik, Voskepar and Sarnajur. The minor rivers include Akhum, Tavush and Khndzorut. The area is also rich for its mountain springs, mineral water and small forest lakes, such as the Lake Parz and Lake Gosh.

The province's Dilijan National Park and the smaller wildlife sanctuaries are created for protection of forests' fauna and flora, such as Black Woodpeckers and Semi-collared Flycatchers, as well as the unique trees, as Common Yew and Wild Hazel.

guide to birds of armenia

guide to birds of armenia

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