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Province Shirak

Quick Facts about province:

  • Area: 2,680 sq km
  • Protected Areas: 1
  • Important Bird Areas: 2
  • Total Species: 213
  • Protected Species: 45

Shirak Province occupies the northwestern part of Armenia. Shirak is mainly dominated by the Ashotsk Plateue (1900 to 2100 meters height) at the north and the Shirak Plain (1400 to 1800 meters height) at the centre and south of the province. The vast plains of the province are surrounded with the Bazum and Pambak mountains from the east, Javakheti Range and Yeghnakhagh mountains from the north and the Aragats mass from the south. Aragats mountian with the height of 4090 meters is the highest point of the province and entiry country.

Akhurian River at the east, separates Shirak from the Kars Province of Turkey, and is the main water resource in the province. Lake Arpi at the northwest of Shirak is the only lake of the province.

The climate is characterized with extremely cold snowy winters and mild summers. The annual precipitation level can reach up to 700 mm (28 in).

The area contains the Lake Arpi National Park, which holds the only breeding Dalmatian Pelicans, the largest colony of Armenian Gulls in the world, and the endemic of Armenia - Darevsky's Viper.

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