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Province Armavir

Quick Facts about province:

  • Area: 1,242 sq km
  • Protected Areas: 0
  • Important Bird Areas: 2
  • Total Species: 246
  • Protected Species: 64

The province is situated at the western part of Armenia. Located in the northern side of Ararat plain it is bordered by Araks river from the south it shares a 72 km (45 mi)-long border with Turkey. The province is entirely located at the heart of the Ararat plain, mainly consisted of agricultural lands occupied mainly for horticulture, such as orchards and vineyards. The average height of the area is 850 meters above sea level, with some plains reaching up to 1200 meters.

Metsamor river (also known as Sevjur river) is the only river that flows through the province. The small lake of Ayger located near the Aknalich village, is one of the natural water surfaces of the province. The other natural habitats include also semi-desert and natural wetlands. The area is also one of the centers of extensive aquaculture and contains number of large fish ponds.  

Armavir Province is characterized with dry continental climate, with hot summers and mildly cold winters. 

The place of historical battle - Sardarapat steppe became also only spot for distribution of locally Endangered Black-bellied Sandgrouse, which prefers flat semi-desert areas. 

guide to birds of armenia

guide to birds of armenia

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