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Rehabilitation of Birds - White Storks cleaning from Oil

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Despite on the fact that the White Storks' population increases in Armenia, they regularly face some threats and through that they show for us - where we have problems with the wetland ecosystems. This time, the White Storks indicated the water pollution by unknown source of oil.



In response to that we have:

  1. cleaned five Storks during two sessions on 21st and 28th of July, 2019;
  2. organized feeding of the White Storks with the help of local administration;
  3. found most probable source of pollution, which seems to be sturgeon farms, which dump the internal organs of gutted fish - which contain a high amount of fat - into rivers. These emissions form congestion in the canals, and in these jams storks look for food, smearing in fish oil, with all the consequences;

This hypothesis requires confirmation, after which it will be necessary to oblige sturgeon farms to clear congestion in canals and come up with another way to dispose of their waste.



For the support, we would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of the Environment of RA, Environmental State Inspection, Hovtashen Village Administration, Art-cafe Ilik, and all our volunteers.

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