Connecting Birds and People

Armenian Bird Ringing Scheme

technical text Another bird migration monitoring day in Armash Wetlands and a new bunch of species. Ferruginous and Common Pochards have made the pairs already, while White-headed Ducks are just making those. Huge flocks of White-winged Terns, Collared and Black-winged Pratincoles have been flying over. The ringing session brought Beaded Reedlings, as well as Reed and Paddyfield Warblers.

Birds freely cross political boundaries and so international cooperation is vital for research and conservation. Armenia is located at the Eurasian African flyway and therefore is a very important point for setting up the ringing station in migration season.  Two bird ringing stations are located at Armash Wetlands - the great stopover point for migratory passerines. Four people are trained in bird handling, over 40 specimens of seven species are banded. 


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