Connecting Birds and People

Team (technical text)

Karen Aghababyan

Executive Director. His slow motion allows covering the surfaces of the nature conservation field without loosing any opportunity. He digs into questions as if he had claws.

Anush Khachatryan

Researcher and Instructor. She flies through her responsibilities tirelessly, and doesn't forget about her family in the same time.

Ani Sarkisyan

Researcher and Instructor. She is always up and even when sleeps, she hears the birds around. Once she notes an issue - she can die but solve it.

Artem Muradkhanyan

Researcher. It seems that he never has time to do things but he always finishes the tasks. He runs around the questions until finalizes those.

Vahram Petrosyan

Researcher. You would never notify, how he works, but then surprisingly he brings success like it was something granted, and not a result of a long-term detailed work.

Gurgen Khanamirian

Projects Developer. He builds the nature conservation house step by step, in a stable, and regular manner, always running back and forth of the projects that leads.

Arsen Grigoryan

Accountant. He would never miss any administrative detail, regardless to its size - large or small.

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