Connecting Birds and People


Who can it be useful for?


It will definitely be interesting for Bird Lovers, Young Naturalists, Smart Parents, Interested Teachers, Conservation Activists and number of other non-indifferent for nature people.


What does it mean to be in the community?



It is mean to Be informed about the latest bird conservation news in Armenia and to take part in the bird lovers community live such as urgent conservation events, popular science initiatives, bird friendly projects with local community  and year-round birdwatching.

So, take the first step - stay up to date

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What activities can you take part in?

What new roles to protect Birds and Environment can you learn ?

If you feel that you are ready to do more to save birds and their habitats, take the Second Step – Become a Member.

Other membership options:

Make a Real Impact to Bird Conservation

get involved

popular actions
for bird conservation
this season


tighten legislation
for shooting
threatened birds
during migrations

give your voice

species act
under development

take in action !

help us to protect
armash wetland
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