As a concept, Important Bird Areas (IBAs) have been developed by BirdLife International more than 30 years ago. IBAs are the places of international significance for the conservation of birds and other biodiversity.

Recognition of IBAs in Armenia allows draw the attention of state bodies towards these areas, which are crucial for bird protection, and further designate those as sites protected under International Conventions or National Legislation. 

There are 36 IBAs in the country, with total area of 3,156 square kilometres. Those could be conditionally divided into IBAs that belong to wetlands (15), forests (7), steppes and semi-deserts (8), and rocky gorges (6). Of course most of these IBAs consist of more than one habitat, and the division is based on the dominating one.

These IBAs cover all the bird species, which breed in Armenia, as well as the most important migration corridors and stopover points.