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Climate change is a global threat that has a significant impact on all ecosystems, however, mountainous areas are among the first to be destructively affected and being essentially a mountainous country, Armenia feels this fully.

We are working to develop a rapid warning and cost-effective system of monitoring, which can deliver an information on habitat level, thus pushing decision makers to advocate for meaningful actions on climate change.


  1. То introduce science based monitoring of influence of the climate change on natural ecosystems.
  2. To introduce regular and systematic actions on the mitigation of Climate Change in schools.
  3. To support development of clean energy in Armenia: namely solar and wind, though with the careful assessment of the latest.

Introduction about Khosrov Forest State Reserve  

For investigation of Climate Change's affect on birds, which are inhabiting different vertical-landscape zones, we have selected Khosrov Reserve with four belts: semi-desert, juniper woodland, deciduous forest, and sub-alpine. In each of these habitats we study bird species composition, as well as abundance of the most specialized indicator species. Together they build a rapid warning signs and stimulate undertaking of early mitigation measures, implementation of which is a way more beneficial than further restoration of habitats or recovery of species.


In 2018 we have already developed the study design and conducted the first cycle of data collection, which has to become annual. The monitoring of indicators in the Khosrov Forest is a beginning of larger scale work in most of the Protected Areas of Armenia, where we can exclude or neglect the human's direct influence on the ecosystems and thus to concentrate on the affects of Climate Change. Such work can not only document the current consequences, but also help in modelling of further impacts.   


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