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Rehabilitation of Birds – White Storks cleaning from Oil

By author / July 30, 2019
technical text  Despite on the fact that the White Storks’ population increases in Armenia, they regularly face some threats and through that they show for us ...
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BIRDHOUSE visitor center

By Author / July 20, 2019
technical text To reveal the birdwatching potential of the areas designated as Important Bird Areas (including Key Biodiversity and Prime Butterfly Areas if present) we ...
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Atlas of Breeding Birds in Armenia

By Author / July 18, 2019
Technical Text  Atlas of Breeding Birds in Armenia – a second in the series of biodiversity monitoring toolkits. One of the main issues in bird conservation in Armenia ...
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Armenian Bird Ringing Scheme

By Author / June 20, 2019
technical text Another bird migration monitoring day in Armash Wetlands and a new bunch of species. Ferruginous and Common Pochards have made the pairs already, while ...
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World Biodiversity Day

By Author / June 20, 2019
technical text Introducing Armenia’s reach species diversity  The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 as the WBD to increase understanding and awareness of ...
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Re-assessment of Important Birds Areas in Armenia

By Author / June 20, 2019
Khosrove State Reserve Khosrov Reserve is one of the first Important Bird Areas being assessed in Armenia as early as 2000. Since that time the boundaries of the area ...

World Migratory Bird Day

By author / May 11, 2019
11.05.2019 is announced as the World Migratory Bird Day. The main topic for 2019 is saving Birds from Plastic. The accumulation of plastic and plastic pollution have ...
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