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Common Crossbill

Loxia curvirostra


Medium size Passerine with distinct shape of large bill with crossed upper and lower ends. Males are bright red, while females are olive green.    


In Armenia Crossbills inhabit mixed forests with distinct portion of pine trees, because feed predominantly on those cones as well as other seeds.


Crossbills make their nests mainly on pine trees, and lay down 3-5 eggs.



Nestlings are reared in 20-25 days, and then, after flight they are brooded for other 35-40 days.


In total there are 200-300 pairs of Red Crossbill in Armenia, which are threatened by deforestation, caused by illegal logging, and not well planned tree cutting by forestry. The species is included in Red Book of Animals of Armenia as Vulnerable, and requires introduction of sustainable forestry management practices and better control of illegal logging.

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