Connecting Birds and People


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Inside Armenia

To support policy development, we are partnering with:

  • Ministry of Environment of RA
  • Bioresources Management Agency

To support bird protection in Important Bird Areas, we are partnering with:

  • Lake Arpi National Park
  • Armash fish-farm
  • Dilijan National Park
  • Khosrov Forest State Reserve
  • Lake Arpi National Park
  • Lake Sevan National Park
  • Arevik National Park

To strengthen our fundraising capacity, we are partnering with

  • German International Cooperation GIZ 
  • United Nations Development Program 
  • WWF Armenia 
  • Transboundary Joint Secretariat 
  • Caucasus Nature Fund 

Outside Armenia

To strengthen the cooperation in the region we are partnering with:

  • Batumi Raptor Count (GE)
  • Kuzey Doga (TR)
  • APB-BirdLife Belarus
  • Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK)
  • Ornithological Society for the Middle East

To strengthen the cooperation worldwide we are partnering with / becoming member of:

  • European Bird Census Council 
  • Max Plank Institute for Ornithology
  • World Wetland Trust
  • British Ornithologists Union
  • Whitley Fund for Nature

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