Connecting Birds and People

Board (technical text)

Rob Sheldon (Ornithological Society of the Middle East)

Dr. Rob Sheldon ​​- has PhD in Zoology and over 15 years of experience in birds' study and conservation. Rob has been on OSME Council since 2009 and Chairman since 2013. Beside that, Rob has experience of working in RSPB as an agricultural adviser, in reserves ecology team, and later he became the Head of International Species Recovery.

Karen Manvelyan (World Wildlife Fund Armenia )

Dr. Karen Manvelyan - has PhD in Zoology, and over 25 years of experience in wildlife study and conservation. He has started his career in the Yerevan Zoo, and later became a Director of World Wide Fund Armenian branch, which is successfully leading over 15 years. His main experience is landscape scale conservation with strong community involving component.

Alexandre Vintchevski (APB-BirdLife Belarus)

Dr. Alexandre Vintchevski - has PhD in Biology. Hi is a biodiversity conservation specialist with over 16 years international experience, including broad expertise in NGO development and support. His specific specialties are related to species and habitat conservation, project planning and management, international fundraising, and nature-based tourism in Eastern Europe, ex-USSR, Caucasus, and Western Balkans.

Aram Aghasyan (Bio-resources Management Agency, Division of Protected Areas, Republic of Armenia)

Dr. Aram Aghasyan - has PhD in Zoology, and again over 25 years of experience in study and management of Protected Areas. While partly he works for the National Academy of Science being a leading specialist on Reptiles, the other part he dedicates to Bio-resources Management Agency heading the division of Protected Areas.

Hans-Gunther Bauer (Max Plank Institute for Ornithology)

Dr. Hans-Gunther Bauer - has a PhD in Behavioral Physiology, and with his over 30 years of experience he is the leading Specialist in Max Plank Institute for Ornithology in Germany. He also serves for European Bird Census Council as the Secretary and Board Member, for the European Breeding Birds Atlas 2 as the Atlas Steering Committee Member, and for the Ornithological Society of Baden-Württemberg as the Board Member.

Martin Warren (Butterfly Conservation UK and Europe)

Dr. Martin Warren ​​- has PhD in Zoology and until recent was the Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation UK and also Butterfly Conservation Europe, strongly developing both organizations. His over 40 year experience in Butterfly Study and Conservation, development of the concept of Prime Butterfly Areas and Butterfly Indicator idea are very helpful to the works of our organization. ​

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