Connecting Birds and People


To be the most effective conservation network in the country with member-centric website, where users of all ages can find and discover any useful information about birds of Armenia and join our movement through target actions, thereby making real influence on the conservation of birds.


BirdLinks leads armenian bird-lovers community inside and outside the country, and guides them to appreciate, understand and protect birds with main focus in conservation of their natural habitats in Armenia. 

How do we do it ?

  • Our scientists and environmental policy experts directly assist government agencies, international foundations and global conservation organizations in Armenia in developing effective plans, policy initiatives and actual approaches to natural resource use and conservation measures.
  • We have involved in our Conservation Network more than 2000 of interested participants and actual members of BirdLinks and are continuing to make focused efforts to increase their number.
  • We have made a practical contribution to conservation by including 15 Important Bird Areas (total area of 2500 hectares) and 18 Prime Butterfly Areas (total area of 2500 hectares) in the Emerald Network to help change their status to protected and we are continuing to increase the number of Important Bird Areas in Armenia from 18 to 22.
  • Combined with the national bird monitoring initiative and a number of global bird census campaigns — we, along with citizen scientists, volunteers and enthusiasts, collect vital data about birds in Armenia, thereby creating transparent and scientifically based database, aimed at making rational decisions for protection of birds and their habitats and improving the quality of biodiversity management as a whole.


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